Due to restrictions following results are derived from synthetic data to demonstrate capability of Computational Healthcare. Please do no derive any inferences from results below.

Adult patients (Age > 20 years)


Sex Count
Male 70
Female 20
In hospital

20.0 %

Length of Stay Distribution
Mean LOS: 10.34 days FQ: 3 days Median: 7 days TQ: 13 days
Aggregation Policy
Minimum count20
Min hospitals2
Min subset100

Temporal Distribution : Insertion of endotracheal tube ( P9604 ) followed by Computerized axial tomography of abdomen ( P8801 )

Mean ΔT: 2.13 days FQ: 0 days Median: 0 days TQ: 1 days

Variation by ΔT for

Source Distribution
Source Count
Unknown 20
Court/Law enforcement 20
Disposition Distribution
Disposition Count
Routine 40
Died in hospital 20
Payer Distribution
Payer Count
Race Distribution
Race Count
State variation
Yearly variation
Age Distribution
Age Count
80 - 99 20
60 - 79 30
20 - 39 20
Mean age First quartile Median Third quartile
60.02 years 38 years 63 years 77 years
Procedure Distribution
Procedure Code Description Count
P9604 Insertion of endotracheal tube 100
P8741 Computerized axial tomography of thorax 20
P8838 Other computerized axial tomography 20
P8703 Computerized axial tomography of head 30
P9671 Continuous invasive mechanical ventilation for less than 96 consecutive hours 40
P8801 Computerized axial tomography of abdomen 100
DRG Distribution
DRG Code Description Count
Diagnosis Distribution
Diagnosis Code Description Primary POA All
D51881 Acute respiratory failure 0 0 20
External Causes Distribution
External Cause Code Description Count